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National environmental policy accessibele to the youth

In collaboration with policymakers of the National Environmental Program from the Dutch government, the Jongerenmilieuraad (Youth Environmental Council) offers people under 30 a unique chance: participate in writing the next 30 years of Dutch national environmental policy.

With this, the Jongerenmilieuraad creates a clear path for people under 30 to a podium where their voices will be heard by relevant policy advisors. We do this with a team of volunteers from the age of 12 up to an age of 27 years old.

Our Mission


Stronger together

To make sure the best solutions come to light in the process of writing policy, the Jongerenmilieuraad sees it as a necessity to have a diversified background as an organization. Youth can bring a new perspective into normal trains of thought, but only in its diversity can we triomf issues as complex as that of environmental policy.


Everybody can join

Next to diversity it is also of high importance to tackle the environmental policy inclusively. Not only looking at the benefits, but also the costs for everyone who would be affected by the policy. Do you want to know how we strive to reach this goal?


For the long run

Our third goal is to ensure that the environmental policy of the future builds upon the trend of sustainability which already has been visible for years. Environmental policy is there to ensure that our children also have a beautiful place to live. How do we want to reach this goal?

Towards a clean, safe and healthy environment for all Dutch citizens, together


What we are currently doing

Project Communicatie: Schrijf mee aan Nederlands milieubeleid


Op reis gaan, een trein pakken of besluiten wat je vanavond gaat eten. Al snel pak je tegenwoordig je telefoon erbij om meer informatie te krijgen om je besluit te maken. Want hoe kan je een beslissing maken zonder alle relevante informatie in handen te hebben? Daarom focust de JMR zich bij dit project volledig op het communiceren van neutrale feitelijke ontwikkelingen op het gebied van milieu. Zodat iedereen die wil, een goede basis aan informatie heeft om mee te praten. Rechtstreeks vanuit de jongeren die meeschrijven aan het milieubeleid van Nederland.

Project participatie: Schrijf mee aan Nederlands milieubeleid

Education & Opinion

As youth you have an opinion on the current environmental policy, you have the motivation to voice your opinion and are not afraid to do so. Totally awesome! But how do you voice your opinion in a manner that there actually will be listened to you? You could become a member of the JMR with a fixed spot at the table of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. However, we understand that not everyone feels up to it or has the time. That is why with this project we search for a way to collect as many opinions of the Dutch youth as possible, but in a cool way.

Project Beleid: Schrijf mee aan Nederlands milieubeleid


Writing on the national environmental policy sounds enormous. When you break it up into smaller pieces, it will become more clear what has to happen to make the Dutch living environment that bit more safe, healthy, and sustainable. With this project we look at how we can deliver the best policy advice. In a way that all youth, no matter what education or background, can voice their opinion. This way we keep the national environmental policy accesible for everyone under the age of 30.

Wil jij meehelpen de mening van jongeren te vertegenwoordigen daar waar het ertoe doet? Schrijf mee aan nationaal milieubeleid!